Writing is not simply a passion with Chris ... it is second nature.

As Chris tells it she has been writing since she was two years old, making up stories and then struggling to write them down before she had even seen the inside of a kindergarten.​

When she finally got to school Chris's wonderful writing abilities really shone, always topping the class and winning award after award.

Later   in   life   Chris

was to work in some of the world's largest advertising agencies rising to the rank of Creative Director.  Once again her work was commended with many awards. 

Chris has been a freelance writer now for over twenty years and just loves to tell a story ... and that includes your story.  While Chris has many of her own stories to pen she loves to hear the ideas, lives and loves of the many people who want their story



​Over the years Chris has had many short stories published and currently has two novels epublished. Other finished novels are  in line for publication - be they solely her own stories or those done in collaboration with others.

Chris lives in a seaside village on Brisbane's northern peninsula in lovely sunny Queensland, Australia and uses her broad life experiences   as   well

as her very fertile imagination to create the story you want to

tell.  You may not know where to start, but Chris certainly does. 

And she knows how to finish, which is very important - a good ending is crucial to a good story and knowing how and when to do that takes talent.


Chris has plenty of that and she would love to talk to you about the story inside your head.


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