Memoirs are available in 4 different sizes:

Once again there are three different levels.  Level One is where you have written most of the content yourself and just need it proof read, edited and formatted.  Level Two is where you need all of this plus quite a bit of embellishment and Level Three is where I write most of the content according to your notes and our interviews.








The following styles of printing and binding are available:

Spiral bound, inkjet printed  Wire Bound, laser printed  Digital Cover and Print

                                                       Level One        Level Two      Level Three

Up to 10,000 words            $   500         $   800        $1,300
Up to 15,000 words            $   750         $1,200        $1,950
Up to 20,000 words            $1,000         $1,600        $2,600
Up to 25,000 words            $1,250
           $2,000        $3,250

Spiral bound, inkjet printed

From $125

Wire bound, laser printed,

Hard cover

From $175

Perfect bound, digitally printed

From $225