From Pen to paper to Published ...

Chris can take care of everything

She is in contact with several publishing houses and if not successful she will publish your book on  Amazon and Kindle through the following publishing package:

          1.   Have spelling errors and all grammatical errors corrected.
          2.   Format the book to correct margins and indents.
          3.   Included contents describing chapters.
          4.   Design book cover.
          5.   Upload the book onto Amazon and Kindle.
          6.   Deliver four copies of the book to the client.

Total cost $765

         • Should the book need re-typing that is extra and ranges from $250-$400 depending on size.
         • Extra copies of the book can be ordered at approximately $25 each, actual price won’t be known until 

            book is published.
         • Photos can be included in the book.  $200 for 10 photos, $400 for 20 photos.



There are many competitions where not only is the monetary prize a great incentive, the awards go a long way towards promoting your book and having it professionally published.  To name a few:
        Qld Literary Awards          Hollywood Book festival                  New York Book Festival
        ABC Fiction Award            Age Short Story Award                   Amazon Breakthrough awards  

There are countless others depending on your style of book and we can discuss these once your book is completed.

It costs nothing for a chat​​​​​​​​​​​
No matter where you are in Australia, it costs nothing for a chat

(well maybe a telephone call).

Give me a call and tell me about your ideas or what you have in mind.  I would be delighted to meet up and have a chat.  If I’m not in your area we can do that over Skype or just over the phone.  If we both like what we hear and you want to go ahead, I will come to you no matter where in Australia you are.